Become a LUBUDS® member today!

Savvy epicureans won’t want to miss out on all the perks and privileges of becoming a LUBUDS® member! Below are 6 simple Q&As to help you understand how the LUBUDS® Membership Program works. Accumulate Points and get rewarded as you taste your way through our dining outlets!

It’s easy! Simply download the LUBUDS® APP and fill out a short application form to become a Basic Member. Upon successful registration, log in to redeem your Welcome Coupons and start collecting LUBUDS® Points!

Basic Members can earn LUBUDS® Points from dine-in and takeaway self-pickup spendings at all LUBUDS® restaurants in Hong Kong (excluding Kontrasto). Remember to scan the QR code on your receipt within 72 hours of transaction to collect the points. Any points on un-scanned or unsuccessfully scanned QR codes within the time limit will not be recorded. The points will be forfeited and will not be re-issued to members after the time limit.

*Additionally, there is a “Referral” function on the APP where you can refer friends and family to become a LUBUDS® member and instantly earn 100 LUBUDS® Points for both parties!

Upgrading to Premium Membership gives you access to more exclusive privileges and discounts. Basic Membership is permanent, but LUBUDS® Points automatically resets each membership year. Basic Members can unlock Premium Membership by accumulating a total spending of 20,000 LUBUDS® Points(including points which were used for any coupon redemption) on or before the expiration date of their annual membership. The new membership status will be instantly effective for one year.

Premium Members can enjoy a 10% discount (except on blackout dates. Terms & Conditions apply.) when dining in restaurants in Hong Kong under LUBUDS® (excluding Blooms Coffee and Kontrasto); birthday rewards and exclusive LUBUDS® Points redemption.

Basic Membership is permanent, while Premium Membership is to be renewed annually. Premium Members can renew their membership for the following year by accumulating a total spending of 10,000 LUBUDS® Points on or before the annual membership expiry date(including points which were used for any coupon redemption), otherwise the membership will revert to Basic Membership status.

You can view your Point balance on the LUBUDS® APP in the “Points” tab. LUBUDS® Points for both Basic and Premium members are valid for ONE membership year only, dated immediately after the issuance date of the membership. Any unused point(s) will be null and voided after ONE membership year. Upon the annual expiration of LUBUDS® Points, members must accumulate new points to redeem dining rewards.

Please refer to the LUBUDS® Membership Program Terms & Conditions here. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and
Chinese version of this page, the English version shall prevail. In case of any discrepancies in the LUBUDS® Membership Program Terms & 
Conditions between the LUBUDS® APP and website versions, the LUBUDS® APP version shall prevail.