LUBUDS Privacy Policy

LUBUDS F&B Group (“the company”) is very worthy of your privacy. This privacy policy and statement (“the privacy statement”) explains how the company collects and uses personal information.

Please read this privacy statement carefully. When you log in or use the company’s website or Facebook page (“this website”), it means that you have accepted the terms of this privacy statement. Please do not use this website if you do not want to be bound by the following terms. If you fill in any form through this website and click the “register” button, it means that you have read and understood this privacy statement in detail and agree to the data collection and methods of usage described in this privacy statement. The company reserves the right to update and change the content of this website at any time, and to unilaterally modify this privacy statement without prior notice. You should check this privacy statement regularly through this website, because your continued use of this website indicates that you accept any changes to this privacy statement. If any modification of this privacy statement may have a great impact on the way we use or disclose your information (including your personal information) (“data”), we will obtain your consent before transferring your information for related purposes. Here, “you”, “member” and “user” refer to all individuals who enter this website for any reason or purpose.

Company Policy

You do not need to provide any personal information to browse or use this website. We will collect your personal information when you register to use our services or online content, so that we can provide services to you. You can refuse to provide us with personal information, but in this case, we may not be able to provide services to you. By providing your personal information, you agree to our use of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy statement.

Statement and Purpose of Data Collection

When you use this website to register as a member, update your information, submit an application, inquire and/or use other services provided by this website, you may be required to provide the company with your information, including but not limited to name, contact information and electronic mail address. You agree that this information is provided to the company voluntarily by you. You agree and understand that any and all information provided to the company will be collected and used for the following purposes:

  1. (a) For identity verification and records;
  2. (b) When you use this website, this application, the Internet and other related channels to process your data;
  3. (c) Analyze your information and compare it with other people’s information in order to formulate the company’s products or services and marketing plans;
  4. (d) Communicate with you and send relevant information about your consumption, participation in the event plan, membership (for example: membership plan information, reward record and renewal information) and information about member-only promotional offers;
  5. (e) Communicate with you and send relevant information about the promotional offers of food, beverages and catering services of the company, its affiliates and partners engaged in joint promotion business;
  6. (f) Keep communication information;
  7. (g) To remit statistics on the total amount of use of this website;
  8. (h) To process your orders and service requests;
  9. (i) To handle payment collection, process any payment instructions and directly withhold fees;
  10. (j) To conduct internal control, including calculating your receivables or defaults, paying or receiving related payments from you, and collecting any fees or enforcing the performance of guarantee obligations granted or granted by users;
  11. (k) To facilitate daily operation of your account; and
  12. (l) To execute your instructions, process your application, respond to your enquiries or in your name, and provide you with effective and efficient services.
Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

The company’s policies and practices regarding the collection, use, preservation, disclosure, transfer, protection and access to personal data are in compliance with relevant Hong Kong laws, including the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Retention, Storage and Disclosure of Personal Data

You acknowledge, agree and authorize us to retain and store the information you provide in one or more databases of our company in or outside Hong Kong, and provide, disclose, access and transmit such information to:

  • (a) Employees who are authorized by the company and its affiliates to process relevant data for the above-mentioned data collection purposes;
  • (b) The company hires contractors or agents to provide the company with administrative, telecommunications, computer, billing, insurance, professional services or other services for the above-mentioned data collection purposes or related purposes;
  • (c) Any person to whom the company must disclose in accordance with applicable laws, administrative systems or regulations; or
  • (d) Anyone who reasonably requires the company to make disclosures so that the company can perform the purposes set out in this privacy statement.

You agree that the company may disclose your personal information when it is reasonable and necessary to achieve the following purposes:
Compliance with relevant laws;

  • (ii) To execute or implement the terms of any user agreement for the use of this website or the services provided by the company;
  • (iii) To protect the right, property or interests of the company, its affiliates, employees, agents, customers and users; or(iv) Compliance with this privacy policy statement.

The company hereby declares that it has never and will not sell your information. The company will not provide, disclose, access and transmit your information to any third party other than the above. The company will retain the personal information you provide through this website. If your membership application is unsuccessful, membership is terminated, membership registration expires, or membership plan or the purpose of providing information is terminated, your personal information will only be retained for no more than 1 year and will be deleted accordingly.

Security of Personal Data

The company will use a variety of security technologies and programs to protect your personal information and avoid unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Due to the nature of the Internet, the company cannot guarantee that data transmission is 100% reliable. However, the company will take all practical and feasible measures to ensure that any information collected by the company through this website will not be disturbed by third-party vendors. However, you must be aware that our company’s advertisers or other websites that have links on this website may be collecting your personal information. You must read the relevant privacy policy carefully before providing your information to third parties. The information you provide to third-party vendors has nothing to do with the company, and the company does not assume any responsibility. However, once the company receives the relevant information from the third party, it will keep the information in accordance with the usual strict security and confidentiality guidelines.

View, Correct and Delete Personal Data or Opt-out of Receiving Information From Our Company

You acknowledge that in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to access your personal data held by the company and to request correction or deletion of your data. If you need to view, correct or delete your personal information, please email to or write to LUBUDS F&B Group, 15/F, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong. notify the company’s data protection officer in writing. (Please specify your name and email address)If you do not want to receive direct marketing information in the future, you can always email to or write to LUBUDS F&B Group, 15/F, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, notify the company’s data protection officer in writing (please indicate your name and email address). Once you opt out of receiving direct marketing information, you will not receive notifications about membership program information, promotions and offers, but we will still remind you of the expiration date of your membership.

Information Packages and Third-party Applications

The company has the right to use information packages (“cookies”) on this website. “Cookies” is a short text file stored on the user’s computer by the network server based on the permission set by the user’s browser software. “Cookies” itself is not designed or intended to be used to read any information from the user’s computer (except the content of the “cookies” itself), it is an identifier used by a website placed on your hard drive instead. The actual content of the “cookies” can be retrieved by the same server to identify the computer and then adapt the use of a website to the user’s requirements based on the information stored on the host server and monitor or manage such use. Therefore, the “cookies” only show the identity of the user’s computer to the website, and the website may associate other information, including personal identification information, with the “cookies”. Similarly, the company has the right to use third-party applications in this application. The purpose of using “cookies” on this website to use third-party applications is to automate the login and data registration functions so that you can establish contact with online ordering information when you use this website for shopping (if any), and make this website suitable for you Preferences or preferences, or personalization of promotions or marketing. In addition, the use of information packs or third-party applications may enable the company to track the use of this website to determine whether the content is useful or popular, so that the company can effectively improve and improve this website. You can adjust your web browser to warn you about the use of the “cookies” or to refuse to accept the “cookies” altogether. However, please note that if you choose not to accept the ““cookies””, this website may not function properly or you may not be allowed to log in.

Use of Website Icons

The company may use website icons on this website or other websites, and allow third-party manufacturers to place icons on this website to monitor the effectiveness of advertisements or for other legal purposes. A website icon, also known as a “web crawler”, is a small image on a webpage, website file, or email used to allow website owners or third parties to monitor who is visiting a website. Users generally cannot see the network icon because its size is usually small (1×1 picture element) and has the same color as the background of the webpage, file or email. The web icon is marked as HTML IMG on the webpage. Users can click the “View Document” option on the webpage to check whether the webpage is using the web icon. Website icons can also be linked to personal information. For example, advertising networks use website icons to add information about the website that someone has visited in their personal data and decide which banner to add based on this information. Another use of website icons is to provide an independent count of how many people have visited a particular website.

Links to third-party websites or applications

Please note that the company provides links to third-party websites or third-party applications as a service provided to users or as a confirmation statement on the use of third-party applications. However, the company does not provide information on such websites or third-party applications. Responsible for content or information acquisition practices. The company recommends that you carefully read and understand the privacy practices of any third-party website or third-party application before providing information.


This website does not plan or intend to obtain personal data of minors under the age of 18. In order to respect the privacy right of minors, minors under the age of 18 should not provide any personal information on this website. The company requires children to be supervised by their parents when they go online or use this application.